Audition: Winter Musical 2019-20

Calling for Audition!!

SPACE PIRATES: Winter Musical 2019 – 20

To be Staged on February 2020

SPACE PIRATE tells the story of Gabby – a kid who gets picked on during a school trip to the museum. Everything quickly changes when an alien space ship accidentally beams Gabby and her classmates to outer space. Things go from bad to worse when the alien spaceship  is suddenly attacked by the space pirates… What an exciting adventure!!

Scripts will be adapted for students from age of 4 to 15. All students will have the opportunities to perform on stage.

We are looking for talented young actors. Please call any Dramatic English Studios. to arrange for an audition:   Hong Kong region     mainland China

Primary and Secondary Schools of HK may request for a school based audition if teachers can gather 15 students to attend an audition session. Please call 2880 5080.

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