The HK final was held on May 5, 2019, at the black box theatre of Dramatic English Headquarters. Below are the results. Gold Certificate winners shall be invited to perform in the International Drama Competition to be held in July 2019. Dates to be confirmed.

Kindergarten Category

GOLD Certificate winners:

  • Lau Chi Yin
  • Stanley Guo
  • Leung Ka Wing
  • Leung Nga Ching
  • Li Tsz Ching
  • Wong Pui Yiu Emilia


SILVER Certificate winner:

  • Ryan Chim


Certificates of Merit were awarded to:

  • Hayley Tse
  • Michelle Ge
  • Marcus So


Primary Category

GOLD Certificate winners;

  • Liu Tsz Yau, Coey
  • Siu Chung Yeung, Aston
  • Luk Mei Yue, Melissa
  • Leung Ngoi Kiu, Kaitlyn
  • Sage, Elaine Lang-En
  • Lai Pok Man
  • Lam Ding Yan, Alaina
  • Yau Shing Hei, Aidan


SILVER Certificate winner:

  • Ku Ka Yeung
  • Chang Tsz Yuet
  • Chan Man Kiu
  • Tsang Cho Man, Tramaine
  • Chan Lok Hei, Hayley


BRONZE Certificate winner:

  • Chan Tsz Yiu, Alice


Certificates of Merit were awarded to:

  • Lee Hei Tung, Bernadette
  • Chea Yan Lam
  • Bu Lv Ming, Jasmine
  • Chan Chit Hei, Jaris
  • Chu Ho Yee, Chole
  • Wong Ching Yee, Emily
  • Chan Ka Yuet
  • Tang Cho Tik, Michael
  • Ma Howard
  • Wong Run Hun, Mina
  • Chan Ching Hei, Eugene


Score sheets and comments by judges will be emailed to the respective participants. Participants will also be informed of the dates when the corresponding certificates are ready for collection at the Dramatic English headquarters.

Thank you very much for your participation.

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