The Wizard of Oz calling for AUDITION

The Wizard of Oz, to be staged in summer of 2020, is now calling for audition. The show shall be performed in theatres of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and a few other major cities in China, to raise funds for charities.

This everlasting musical is about the little girl Dorothy, who travels over the rainbow to discover the magical power of home. Along the way, Dorothy meets three new friends, each of whom lacks a crucial characteristic: The Scarecrow (“If I Only Had A Brain”) The Tinman (“If I Only Had A Heart”) and the Lion (“If I Only Had The Nerve”). Together, the four new companions make their way towards Oz (“We’re Off To See The Wizard”).

Enquiries and Enrollment Hotline: 2880 5085

Whatsapp: 9445 5085


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