AESOP’S FABLES Musicals for beginners now open for audition.

Students will perform the short stories of Aesop’s Fables creatively

  • hip hop, street dance elements will be integrated into the show
  • students will master presentation, performance and English skills through the show
  • students will build up the confidence and unleash their talents

Video recorded performances will be organized after every 16 lessons (2 hours per session). The performances shall be edited and broadcast through Dramatic English’s Youtube channel.  The course will be taught by Ms Delia von Pflug, who is a young and energetic but experienced musical teacher. 

Students will be grouped according to their ages:

Junior group: 5 – 8 years old
Senior group: 9 – 12 years old
Pre-requisites: YPC Silver certified (or equivalent, or to be qualified by teacher after audition)

TRIAL CLASS: February 12, 2022 (Saturday), from 3 – 4 pm: for students to have a taste of what a musical class will be like.

Please fill in the google form: to enroll and pay $100 for this trial class.

Tel: 2880 5085 Whatsapp: 9445 5085

Behind every musical we produced: This is a video showing the interesting things behind every musical we produced, from auditioning, casting, training, parents meetings, to staging the show. Its exciting, fun but lots of hard work. DEER THEATRE is the non-profit making theatre company to stage all shows for DRAMATIC ENGLISH.

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