Deadline of Submission: January 13, 2018

To encourage more participation for 2017-18, DE shall sponsor the first 200 entries to lower the entry fee to HK$200 per entry (for HK participants ONLY).

To encourage emerging writers of differing ages all over the world to unleash their talents, DE organizes an International Creative Writing Competition every year.

Three Competing Categories: Audio Story, One Act Play and Short Story

Audio Story Solo:

Candidate can submit an audio file with the story told by an individual student who is under 6, of any theme that interests, with 2 to 3 minutes length. This year Kindergartens will be given 3 adapted scripts from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to choose from. Kindergartens can also devise their own scripts or to adapt a given script about “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to suit their participants.

Audio Story Group:

Candidates can submit an audio file with the story told by a group and the names of each individual student and which role they are playing should be presented. All candidates should be under 6, with 2 to 3 minutes’ length. This year Kindergartens will be given 3 adapted scripts from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to choose from. Kindergartens can also devise their own scripts or to adapt a given script about “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to suit their participants.

One Act Play: One-act play will concentrate on a single episode or situation with one or two characters. The heart of dramatic writing lays in conflict. Deciding what the main character wants more than life with obstacles faced, and how the character overcomes to keep an audience stimulated; One-act plays have simple settings that require audience imagination. The one act play has an introduction, and its obstacles, and its resolution, handled believably and achieved within the specified playing time.

Competing Groups Ages Maximum Limit
Beginner 6-8 10 Minutes Playing Time
Junior 9-11 10 Minutes Playing Time
Senior 12-14 15 Minutes Playing Time
Advanced 15+ 20 Minutes Playing Time

Short Story: Of fictional prose, focusing on mood rather than plot with one main character and one main theme. A Short-Story usually takes place in a single setting and begins and ends abruptly that involves one plot line and limited to word length specified for each age group. The Story must grip the reader’s attention and make them continue to find what happens next The leading character has to solve a problem, or achieve a purpose, and is motivated to realize their goals. A good story includes conflict, obstacles and challenges and builds towards to a high point as the turning point in the story, making the ending climax inevitable and resolves the theme of the Short Story.

Competing Groups Ages Maximum Limit
Beginner 6-8 200 words
Junior 9-11 500 words
Senior 12-14 1000 words
Advanced 15+ 2000 words


Audio Story

One Act Play         /         Short Story

Age Ranges

3-6 years old

Beginner 6-8 Junior     9-11 Senior    12-14

Advanced 15+

Entry Fees

the first 200 entries,  sponsored fee  HK$200 per entry

normal fee HK$350 per entry (solo)

normal fee HK$500 per entry (group)

for the first 200 entries,

sponsored fee HK$200 per entry

(normal fee HK$450 per entry)


Entries will be opened from October and shall be closed by January of next year. Entry Forms shall be available from the organization each candidate associates with.

Candidates may also download the Entry Forms here:

Audio Story Entry form (Audio Story) 2017-2018
Short Story  Entry-form (Short Story) 2017-2018
One Act Play Entry-form (One-Act-Play) 2017-2018

Please send the completed form with cheque to: Mr. Frank Wong,  Unit 802, New Kowloon Plaza, Olympic, Kln, H.K.

For Audio Story (Solo/Group) candidate can submit the audio file to

All entries shall be marked according to this scheme:MARKING SCHEME

A. Content and Creativity 40%
B. Organization and Development 30%
C. Mechanics (spelling, capital letters, paragraphs, etc) and Grammar 20%
D. Style of Writing 10%



Results will be announced by April through Facebook and Dramatic English web sites.

There will be Certificates of Merit,  Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal Awards presented to each Age Range under each Competing Category. Gold Medal Awards shall honour candidates who are marked 90 plus and will be presented with a winners’ certificate and a prize trophy; Silver Medal Award marked 80 plus with Bronze Medal Award winners marked from 70 plus.  Those who marked 60 plus shall be awarded the Certificate of Merit.

Gold Medal Winners will have their work performed on stage and all winners will have their work published and the book will be available for purchase. The Gold Medal winners show case will be held by around May 2018 and the winners works shall also be published by the same time.



The following awards will be given to schools with over 20 PARTICIPANTS to enter this competition:
Leading Secondary School Award / Leading Primary School Award / Leading Kindergarten Award

For schools that have students winning any GOLD MEDALS will be honoured the:

Most Valuable Secondary School Award / Most Valuable Primary School Award / Most Valuable Kindergarten Award


An Education Partners Certificate will be awarded to education centres if there are participants entering through the centres. For centres that have students getting Gold Medals, they will be honoured the Most Valuable Education Partners Award. These centres’ names shall be listed in the winners’ work publication.

For more details, please follow this link to contact us or call our Hotline: (+852) 2880 5080.

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