Cost of Living

Hong Kong can be very cheap; you can get a meal from as little as $30HKD. However, being the financial capital of Asia, it’s a city that also caters to the very wealthy.

Can I get in Hong Kong?

It is pretty easy to get most anything here in Hong Kong. There are supermarkets catered entirely to western tastes, and you’ll find many familiar brands from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Most of your favourite clothing brands are available, though the average size here is a little smaller, so you may have trouble finding larger sized shoes, clothing and/or underwear.

Shopping malls are all over Hong Kong.

What is the average cost of products?

It can sometimes be hard to get a picture of what daily life can cost in another country. Here’s a few commonly purchased items to give you an idea. If you want, convert the prices into your home currency to get a clearer picture.

Chocolate bar – $9HKD
Can of soda – $6HKD
Chicken breasts – $30HKD
Head of lettuce – $4HKD
Milk (1Lt) – $18HKD
Toothpaste – $18HKD

Marketplace is one of many western styled supermarkets that stock a variety of local, and imported products.

Whilst some things such as dairy products are a little more expensive than what you may be used to, this is offset by other products such as vegetables; a visit to your local grocer can net you a shopping bag full of vegetables to last the whole week for less than $30HKD.

Often, street markets are the best place to get fresh, cheap products.

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