Public transport in Hong Kong is fast, cheap, and efficient. With so many transport options, you’re always connected.

Hong Kong uses a similar system to the UK’s Oyster card – it is called Octopus, and can be used on nearly all types of transport, except taxis. In addition, it can be used in restaurants, shops, and more. As such, it is considered more of a “cash alternative system” than just a public transport ticket.


The underground and overland rail system, the MTR, is generally the fastest way to get around.

The MTR runs underground in the city, but above ground once outside of it.


Taxis in Hong Kong are readily available, and begin with a flag fall of around $22HKD for the first 2km.

There are three colour variations – red, blue, and green, which you’ll find in the city new territories, and outlying Islands respectively.


Double-decker buses go most places that the MTR does not, and minibuses go everywhere else.

Though big buses are a smoother ride, minibuses can be significantly faster.



Double-decker trams run the length of Hong Kong Island. Costing only $2.30 HKD per trip, they are a cheap, and scenic option – as long as you’re not in a hurry.

The tram is great for short trips along Hong Kong Island.

Light Rail Tram

Connected to the western rail section of the MTR, the light rail trams connect the large spans in between the MTR stations.

The light rail tram is fast and direct.

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