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There’s many different ways we teach English, and kinds of classes we offer at DE. We teach in schools, learning centers, perform in schools, and even do some special events in more public areas. To get an idea of what someone teaching with us may be expected to do, scroll through, or click on a link below to jump to a specific type of class.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)
Native English Teacher (NET)
Drama Productions
Dramatic English Studios
Theater in Education (TIE)

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

ECA programs are huge in all Hong Kong schools, and most have a sizable allowance for a variety of programs. These are held in schools and can range from one-off classes, to a weekly lesson for 6-18 weeks, to a full-year program. Some examples of the kinds of classes may be;

  • Drama workshops
  • Speaking, or oral presentation
  • Reading classes
  • Interactive educational programs
Owen leads students in traditional Chinese exercises during our “Around the World” educational program.

Native English Teacher (NET)

Every local school in Hong Kong has a NET. The NET is employed to teach English for full, half, or one-third days for up to five days per week. These postings may be in a Kindergarten, Primary, or Secondary school. Each school has its own unique challenges, depending on the age, English level, and receptiveness of the students.

Emma teaches her High School class.

Drama Productions

Although mentioned above in the ECA category, a big part of what we do is drama productions both large, and small. Something important to note is that few schools in Hong Kong have their own dedicated drama teachers or departments; this is why we provide our expertise to so many schools.

“The Wizard of Oz”

Drama productions in schools may simply be an ECA for students to enjoy with little pressure, but more commonly are for end of year productions, to feature in a schools’ anniversary showcase, or the Hong Kong School Drama Festival. The Drama Festival is held every year, and a huge number of schools participate. It is funded by various government and private sponsors, and solely exists to encourage students to experience and enjoy drama.

“Alice in Wonderland”

Dramatic English Studios

Learning centers in Hong Kong are extremely common, as a big part of the culture is that any spare time kids have should be spent doing something productive. This is in no small part due to the competitiveness of getting into a good University. We have 14 centers across Hong Kong.

A Beginner Musical Ensemble, ages 6-8, class performs “Dinosaurs Before Dark” for parents and friends.

Our classes cover a wide range of skills, from musicals to oral presentation, and are mostly for under 12’s, however we do feature some senior classes specifically designed for older kids and teens who wish to deepen their understanding of acting, drama, or speech. Teachers taking classes may find themselves teaching a full day of classes, or simply an hour long after school class.

Felicia Studio open class
Felicia and her students sharing their progress with parents.

Theater in Education (TIE)

TIE is a big part of English language education in Hong Kong. DE have a variety of shows that we perform in schools, that are appropriate for different age groups. Some shows have themes, and deal with topics such as choosing your career path, or not judging people by their appearance, whereas others are just for fun, offering a great opportunity for students to see some real live theater, and perhaps even join in the show!

A performance of “The Ugly Sister”

Schools host TIE shows throughout the year, and we give as many teachers as we can the opportunity to perform in one, if their schedule allows. Our current roster of shows feature live-action and puppetry performances. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, be sure to let us know!

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