Own A Franchise

中文 Looking for Franchisees in HK, mainland China and Overseas, who have the experience and capabilities, and who share  the same vision and interests. Why Franchise DE Brands With a Celebrity Alfred Cheung as Chairman, making the Brands UNIQUE Offering UNIQUE services, children learn with fun, meeting the needs of middle class parents Have established... Continue Reading →

International Drama Competition 2018

中文 To encourage students of different ages all over the Greater China regions to unleash their talents on stage, Dramatic English organizes the International Drama Competition every year. The Competition takes the form of an inter-school English drama competition across the regions.  Competing Categories Entry Fees Maximum Performance Limit Kindergartens  $200 per student per team... Continue Reading →

International Creative Writing Competition

  中文 To encourage emerging writers of differing ages all over the world to unleash their talents, Dramatic English organizes an International Creative Writing Competition every year. To encourage more participation for 2017-18, DE shall sponsor the first 200 entries to lower the entry fee to HK$200 per entry (for HK participants ONLY). Three Competing Categories:... Continue Reading →

國際幼稚園課程 @ Dramatic English

ENG 英國 EYFS 幼稚園 Play based 課程在戲劇英語各中心開始啟動了。戲劇英語聘請專業的外籍老師授課,每週為家長提供學生的學習進度以及每月進度報告。週二至週五,每星期四天,每天兩小時的濃縮課程。課程內容和活動均由外籍老師親自設計及編輯,目的是讓小朋友能在一個愉快及正面的環境中學習。 Class A 9:30am – 11:30am Class B 1:15pm – 3:15pm Class C 3:30 – 5:30pm HK$4,000 由即日起至2017年8月,學費優惠每月HK$2,500。 想認識多一些戲劇英語國際幼稚園嗎?請訪問:Dramatic English International Kindergarten Kindergarten Courses @ Education Centres British EYFS play-based courses are going to be launched in our Dramatic English Education Centers. We hired professional teachers with curriculum designed... Continue Reading →

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