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國際幼稚園課程@Dramatic English


  • 全外籍幼稚園老師
  • 英國 EYFS 幼稚園 Play based 課程
  • 每周學習概要報告,每月進度報告
  • 週一至週五
  • 每天兩小時濃縮課程


名額有限,每間中心全年只開3班,每班最多8 人

Class A 10:00am – 12:00 noon

Class B 1:15pm – 3:15pm

Class C 3:30pm – 5:30pm

報名查詢請電 2880 5085 或 點擊這裡聯系我們

International Kindergarten Program @ Dramatic English Education Centres

  • Native English Teacher
  • Courses from British play based EYFS Kindergarten
  • Weekly Learning Report & Monthly Progress Report
  • 2-hour intensive course; Monday to Friday

Classes open on 1st November, 2016

First come, first served. Open only 3 classes a year, max. 8 students in one class

Class A 10:00am – 12:00 noon

Class B 1:15 pm– 3:15pm

Class C 3:30pm – 5:30pm


Enrollment by 15th October can enjoy a monthly discount HK$2,000 in the first year


Click here to learn more about Dramatic English International Kindergarten


英國 EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) 課程結構

3大基本範疇 (PRIME AREAS):

  • Communication and Language 語言和溝通能力
  • Physical Development 體能發展
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 個人, 群體與情感發展


  • Literacy 讀寫能力
  • Mathematics 數學
  • Understanding the World 認識世界
  • Expressive Arts and Design 表達藝術和設計

報名查詢請電 2880 5085 或 點擊這裡聯系我們


Referrals 新生推薦優惠




Current Student can be entitled to 2 FREE LESSONS for referring one new student. New Student can also be entitled to $500 coupons.

 Terms & Conditions 細則:

  • 因許多家長強烈要求,新生推薦優惠嶄時無限期延長。
  • 推薦獎賞只限現時就讀恆常課程的學生。
  • 新生必須支付首期學費,獎賞才能作實。
  • 新生獲贈的現金券,$200 適用於所有課堂,$300只適用於Blessing Voices Children Musical Choir 合唱團及International Kindergarten Program 國際幼稚園課程。

International Creative Writing Competition

Now open for application!

Deadline: 9 January 2017

It’s time to unleash your writing creativity

Established in 1941 New Era Academy (NEA) is one of the leading regulated Vocational Examination Boards in the United Kingdom, with all examinations recognized by Ofqual (the National governing body for exams in UK and Ireland).

Certificates of Merit, BronzeSilver and Gold Medal Awards will be presented!

Gold Medal Award Winners shall be invited to attend the Creative Writing Summer Camp in the UK



Audio Story One Act Play/Short Story
Age Range 3-6 years old Junior (6-8)  Senior (9-11)

Youth (12-14)  Teens 15+

Entry Fee HK$350  per entry (solo)

HK$500 per entry (group)



per entry


For more details: OR

Dramatic English is the sole representative of NEA for HK and China.

Inquiries: 2880 5080

Halloween Week

Hallo-win Week – So Scarily Fun  鬼甘精彩  



  1. 最精彩造型比賽

※ 同學們可以Halloween造型回各中心上課

※ 我們會為每一位同學拍攝造型照,上傳到戲劇英語Facebook 專頁。無論是服裝或簡單哈囉喂裝飾都無任歡迎!

※ 每間中心最多LIKE 的同學,家長會獲贈一堂免費課堂,同學會獲贈$100 元玩具 禮券。

  1. 帶新朋友 免費試堂

※ 同學們可以帶新朋友一起以Halloween 造型回各中心上課

※ 所有課堂都加入哈囉喂小遊戲和故事時間

October 24-31 

  1. Dress Up Competition

※   Students are welcomed to dress up in Halloween costumes or any other simple accessories about Halloween

※ We will take pictures for every student and will upload to the Dramatic English official Facebook page

※ The student who receives the most LIKE of each center will be awarded a $100 coupon from a toy shop as well as a free lesson


  1. Free trial Halloween Open Class for new friends 

※ Students are welcomed to bring along their new friends to class in their Halloween costume or accessories

※ FUN Halloween Games & Story time for every class

※ Parents are welcome to join

※ New comers will enjoy a free trial class (reservation required*).


*details please refer to our complete schedule of each center

Musical Ensembles Recruiting Students

Come to Audition for a role in the Musicals for this Autumn 2016:

AESOP’S FABLES: 6 to 8 years old

THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS: 9 to 11 years old

LISTEN TO ME: 12 to 18 years old

Children under 6 can enter Little Actors preparatory courses. Actor Courses also available for students of all ages. Please follow this link to learn more.

NET services for Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools

Dramatic English has been providing professional services to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and tertiary institutions for over 14 years.

Resident NET Services

  • Kindergarten Class Teachers
  • Kindergarten English Teachers
  • Secondary & Primary School NETs

Please call 2880 5080 for more information. Follow this link to learn more about our Services to Schools.

Need help to stage a Musical performance by your students?

Every year, we help secondary and primary schools to stage grand Musical performances in English.

Our services start from auditioning, casting, rehearsals, through to the staging of the show. Our production team provides comprehensive supports including costumes, props, set production, sound and light equipment supplies, as well as stage management.

Call us at 2880 5080. Follow this link to learn more about our Shows and Games services.

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