We are pleased to announce the results for the International Drama Competition Online 2022:



Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore

Sura Nari Witthaya School, Nakhon Ratchasima City, Thailand


Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, Yongin – Si, Republic of Korea


Hong Kong & Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School, Hong Kong

Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery, Hong Kong



SJKT Masai Johor Malaysia, Masai, Malaysia


The Church of Christ in China Chuen Yuen Second Primary School, Hong Kong

We are pleased to announce the results for the International Story-Telling Competition Online 2022:



Chandrihni Chandra Segaran, Malaysia

Cheuk Wai Hong Aiden, Hong Kong

Jnarthan Chakravarthy, Malaysia

Ryan Ling Jia Cheng, Malaysia


Chandrika Chandra Segaran, Malaysia

Herttik Pragash, Malaysia

Lee Taylor Calleigh, Hong Kong

Rahshini a/p Jegatheswaran, Malaysia

Sameena M J Vijayan, Malaysia



Chan Yan Yan, Hong Kong


Videos of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Plus winners were all showcased in the Youtube Channel: INTERNATIONAL DRAMA COMPETITION

Only the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Plus winners were announced via this post. All other award winners shall be informed via email.

The Bronze award Plus was newly added as our appreciation to the great efforts that some schools have made to present the drama nicely via zoom, in a difficult period when all schools in Hong Kong were suspended. These productions shall also be presented in the International Drama Competition 2022 Youtube Channel.

Emails with the score sheets shall be emailed to all participating schools or individuals this week. The Award Certificates shall also be readied before the end of July 2022. We would like to thank the great efforts made by all participating schools during the pandemic again.

Application for the 2023 competition is opened. Please follow this link to apply: To enter the 2023 competition.


Little Actors (Trinity) are unique courses that DRAMATIC ENGLISH has developed to prepare students for taking the popular TRINITY exams (Young Performers Certificates YPC, Speech & Drama S&D, Speech Communication Arts SCA). Teachers will use their unique dramatic approach to make the preparation fun and interesting. Students will learn a lot more than simply drilled to pass the exams. New courses will start by Feb 19, every Saturday from 10am to 4pm (many classes available)

Trial classes:

Feb 12 (Sat), from 10:30-11:05am: for 3-5 years old; 

Feb 12 (Sat), from 11:15-11:50am: for 5-7 years old. 

Students could have a taste of what a little actors (trinity) class will be like. 

please fill in the google form:

to enroll.

we target to prepare students for an exam by 16 consecutive lessons (1 hour).



AESOP’S FABLES Musicals for beginners now open for audition.

Students will perform the short stories of Aesop’s Fables creatively

  • hip hop, street dance elements will be integrated into the show
  • students will master presentation, performance and English skills through the show
  • students will build up the confidence and unleash their talents

Video recorded performances will be organized after every 16 lessons (2 hours per session). The performances shall be edited and broadcast through Dramatic English’s Youtube channel.  The course will be taught by Ms Delia von Pflug, who is a young and energetic but experienced musical teacher. 

Students will be grouped according to their ages:

Junior group: 5 – 8 years old
Senior group: 9 – 12 years old
Pre-requisites: YPC Silver certified (or equivalent, or to be qualified by teacher after audition)

TRIAL CLASS: February 12, 2022 (Saturday), from 3 – 4 pm: for students to have a taste of what a musical class will be like.

Please fill in the google form: to enroll and pay $100 for this trial class.

Tel: 2880 5085 Whatsapp: 9445 5085

Behind every musical we produced: This is a video showing the interesting things behind every musical we produced, from auditioning, casting, training, parents meetings, to staging the show. Its exciting, fun but lots of hard work. DEER THEATRE is the non-profit making theatre company to stage all shows for DRAMATIC ENGLISH.

Living Story Books

Living Story books 


The Hottest Courses at all Studios right now!!


  • Enjoy Good Story Books (about 20) with Process Drama and Creative Ideas
  • Learn Story Telling and Presentation Skills
  • Improve Creativity and Imagination
  • Explore English Famous Stories
  • Comprehensive English Skills
  • Creativity Writing Skills
  • Students will create and publish their own Story Books in the 3rd year of the course!!
Please fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as we can. Thank you!



Own A Franchise


Looking for Franchisees in HK, mainland China and Overseas, who have the experience and capabilities, and who share  the same vision and interests.

Why Franchise DE Brands

  • With a Celebrity Alfred Cheung as Chairman, making the Brands UNIQUE
  • Offering UNIQUE services, children learn with fun, meeting the needs of middle class parents
  • Have established a mature franchise system with comprehensive support
  • Huge market niche, lots of room for business development
  • Aggressive in market development making the pie bigger for everyone
  • Flexible means of franchising to cope with local market conditions: Single Shop Franchise, Master Franchise, and Joint Venture Scheme.

Franchise Hotline +852 9089 2591

Wechat DE Franchise code

whatsapp: +852 9089 2591

Please follow this link for more information.

NET services for Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools


Dramatic English has been providing professional services to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and tertiary institutions for over 14 years.

Resident NET Services

  • Kindergarten Class Teachers
  • Kindergarten English Teachers
  • Secondary & Primary School NETs

Please call 2880 5080 for more information. Follow this link to learn more about our Services to Schools.

Need help to stage a Musical performance by your students?


Every year, we help secondary and primary schools to stage grand Musical performances in English.

Our services start from auditioning, casting, rehearsals, through to the staging of the show. Our production team provides comprehensive supports including costumes, props, set production, sound and light equipment supplies, as well as stage management.

Call us at 2880 5080. Follow this link to learn more about our Shows and Games services.

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