To Enroll / Request for an Audition 報名 / 預約評估

Please fill in the form below to request for an audition. Our Customer Service colleagues will contact you to confirm your request. 請填妥以下表格預約我們的外教為小朋友進行英語水平評估。我們的客戶服務同事會聯系閣下確認評估時間。

Please fill in the form below to enroll or to request for an AUDITION. 請填妥以下表格,預約評估。


Personal information collection statement
Dramatic English respects and protects Your privacy. Your personal data will only be used by Dramatic English in accordance with the purpose stated upon collection and other related purposes. You may be contacted by Dramatic English via emails, telephone calls, mails and other similar channels. Your information will only remain with Dramatic English and will NOT be passed to any other parties. You will continue to receive information from us unless you choose not to at any time. If you do not wish to receive materials from Dramatic English, please inform us by calling 2880 5085 or email us your full name and contact number to


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