Programs & Services

Dramatic English has been providing professional services to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and tertiary institutions for over 14 years. Our services include but not limited to the following areas. Please call 2880 5080 for more information or send us your questions by filling in the form at the bottom.

Performances are the most important learning processes in most of our courses. Please visit this link to see the video resources we have produced over the recent years. 

Resident NET Services

  • Kindergarten Class Teachers
  • Kindergarten English Teachers
  • Secondary & Primary School NETs

Musicals & Drama Courses and Production Support

  • Teach, Direct & Produce annual grand Drama / Musical performances for schools
  • Teach & Direct drama groups for schools to enter Drama Festival competitions
  • Direct, Produce and Facilitate large scale Drama / Role Play Games for schools

Extra Curricular and Summer Courses

  • Blessing Voices Children Choir Program
  • Phonics Courses
  • Creative Writing, Interview, and introductory Course
  • English Ambassador Programs
  • All sorts of English enhancement and supplementary programs

Blessing Voices Children Musical Choir

For all Primary schools and Kindergartens, we can send our Native English Teachers to your school to help you set up this Children Musical Choir. Children learn to sing and dance and act in this show choir. We organise many public performances, especially in support for charities, for our Blessing Voices Choir all year round. So you students will have lots of opportunities to join in our big choir and sing in many events.

TIE Shows & Mass Role Play Games

  • Theatre In Education Troupes bring professional performances to schools
  • Commissioned Performances by Government & Gov Supported Org: Kids on the Block (puppets); Heritage Museum, Intellectual Property Dept, …
  • Our team of teachers can go to your school and play large scale role play games in English with your students so they can practice their English while having fun.
  • Please follow this link to check out more information about Shows and Mass Role Play Games.


Please fill in the form. Our experienced Managers will contact you and discuss how we can help you and your students.


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