Shows and Mass Role Play Games

School Productions

Dramatic English has helped more than 60 primary/secondary schools to direct and produce their annual grand musical performance by students. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Auditioning and Casting of students
  • Training and Rehearsal
  • Tailor making scripts
  • Sets, Costumes, Props Design and Production
  • Lighting and Sound Engineering Support
  • Make Up Support
  • Stage Managment and Training
  • Finally Staging the Show

Students will be prepared for entering the Trinity International certificate examination or the NEA performance diploma by the end of the show.

Drama Festival

We have helped hundreds of primary and secondary schools to train and rehearse their students to enter the annual Drama Festival competition. Our partner schools have won numerous awards from this event. Many schools also extended the training of their drama festival production to the end of the school year and turn it into a performance with the help from our team. Please call us at 2880 5080 for details.

Students will be prepared for entering the Trinity International certificate examination or the NEA performance diploma by the end of the show.

Shows by Education Centres Students

Dramatic English manages 14 education centres all over HK. We have built a professional black box theatre in our headquarters at Olympic Kowloon.  Students of our centres stage hundreds of shows in our black box as well as civic theatres all around HK.


TIE (Theatre in Education) Shows for Schools

We produce new TIE shows for schools every year. TIE creates a fresh and dramatic learning process for students. We have staged hundreds of TIE shows in different schools.

We have helped lots of government and related institutions to stage hundreds of shows at schools to promote different themes:

  • Intellectual Property Department (Over 200 shows in secondary and primary schools)
  • Heritage Museum (Shows and Guides in Costume)
  • Society for the relieve of disabled children (Kids On Block puppet show)
  • HSBC (Shows in Wetland Park)


Production Services

Our professional production team, besides supporting our shows, can also provide all sorts of production services: from stage management services, lighting and sound rental and management, to sets, costume and props design and production; for your school. Please call us at 2880 5080 for details.

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Mass Role Play Games

Our team of teachers / actors can go to your school to lead and facilitate Mass Role Play Games with your students. Assigned different roles in these Games, students can learn and practice using English in fun and engaging contexts.  This is a great way to learn English and have fun.


A journey across the globe is no longer a dream!
What do they do?
What do they eat?
What do they wear?

In only 3 hours you can explore and learn about all the different cultures, practices and national events of all the different countries and nations.

Target Student: Up to 120 students


Will you be the first to escape?

1.Listening  2.Speaking  3.Reading  4.Writing

You are trapped in a room and the only way to get out is to use your English ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing to complete all tasks.

Target Student: Up to 25 studentsIMG_6101


Are you the next Sherlock Holmes?
Do you have what it takes to be the next best detective?

Communication, Teamwork, Leadership. Problem solving, Deductive reasoning, Critical thinking, Higher order thinking skills

Target Student: Up to 50 students


Travel around Hollywood to learn and be a part of it!

Do you have what it takes to survive in Hollywood?
Auditions Acting Skills Improvisation

Put yourself to the test by challenging yourself with the different elements and genres of Drama!

Target Student: Up to 120 students


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