At Dramatic English Education Centres, we help students build up their English communication skills, presentation skills, creativity, confidence, emotional quotient, and other advance and complex skills in English through the following courses:

Performances are the most important learning processes in most of our courses. Please visit this link to see the video resources we have produced over the recent year.

While MUSICAL ENSEMBLE courses aim at shaping up comprehensive performance skills for students, the ACTORS COURSES aim at improving students’ comprehensive English skills through the dramatic arts. We work closely with TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON to have the Speech & Drama international certification examinations as our summative assessment for each level of the course.

Below is a summary of the main regular courses for different age groups

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Musical Theatre and Drama are exciting, engaging, enjoyable and effective ways of learning English. Drama can help students develop their English language skills as well help them grow into more confident, creative and supportive individuals. Dramatic English helps students to achieve their potential with a range of different courses for all ages. From beginner to expert, novice to the native speaker, child to adult; Dramatic English is the world leader in providing Theatrical solutions to English language learning. Public performances shall be organized at the end of all these courses. Follow this link to  to enroll in these exciting courses. 

Little Actor Chat

Little Actors I, II, III

These are preparatory courses for young children to learn the basic presentation, communication and English language skills (phonics, grammar and vocabularies). Students will build up the confidence through in class performances every 2 months.

The TRINITY YPC (YOUNG PERFORMERS CERTIFICATES) examinations, which lead to the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD certificates are the summative assessments for the 3 levels of this course.

Musical Ensembles (Beginner, Junior, Senior)

Children from 6 years old and up learn and strengthen the skills through an authentic theatre process from audition, casting, rehearsals through to staging a musical in public theatres. The normal process takes about 6 months.

Students may choose to sit a TRINITY MUSICAL THEATRE certificate examination as groups after the performance.

Actors (Beginner, Junior, Senior)

Children from 6 years old and up learn advance English language skills, creative writing, appreciation of classic to modern scripts, presentation, communication and acting through this comprehensive course. The course lasts for 3 years for each the Beginner, Junior and Senior levels.

The TRINITY SPEECH & DRAMA graded examinations, with initial, grade 1 all the way up to grade 8 forms the summative assessments for this 9 years course.

Follow this link to to enroll in these exciting courses.

Other Courses

We also offer many other courses such as

  • Creative Writing
  • Interviews
  • Playgroups
  • Phonics
  • English Coaches

in our different centres. Please call 2880 5085 to ask for more information or follow this link to send us your questions.

** Note for Severe Weather Warning **

  • All classes will proceed as scheduled if Typhoon Signal No.1, No.3, Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning is issued. Parents should decide whether their children should attend classes according to the weather conditions.
  • All classes will be canceled if the Typhoon Signal No.8 or above and Black Rainstorm Warning are in force.
  • If the above Severe Weather Warning is canceled before 7am or 2pm, all classes will be resumed 3 hours later.
  • Classes canceled for the above reasons will not be made-up or refunded.

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