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About DE Group

Founded in 2003, our vision is to Transform children and students to be Leaders, who excel in Communication, Creativity, and Caring for their neighbours and for the world.

Striving to build outstanding brands in education, the DE Group has founded and will continue to establish discrete lines of business to cover a wide spectrum of needs in education. All the lines will expand through both direct investment and franchise.

300x300px-DE logo Dramatic English Education Centres

Currently managing 14 Dramatic English Education Centres in Hong Kong; one in Dongguan city of China, one to be expected by December 2016 in Shanghai and another to be expected also by December 2016 in Shenzhen. Our School Services office serves around 100 schools in HK every year.

edm-kindy-logo-20150214 Dramatic English International Kindergartens

The first Dramatic English International Kindergarten & Nursery @KHT International Kindergarten & Nursery has been opened in Mui Wo of Lantau in HK in 2015, offering international kindergarten education base on the UK EYFS curriculum and a play/drama based approach.

dds-logo-outline-20161230-02 Dramatic Dance Studio

The first Dramatic Dance Studio: DDS Russian Ballet Academy is located at Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong. We strive to bring professional ballet and dance training to children and teenagers.

creaction-dramatic-logo Dramatic Art Studio

To broaden our spectrum of creative education to children, Dramatic Art Studio offers visual arts and crafts classes. We also offer classes that integrates the learning of illustrated story books, in both English and Putonghua, and painting; as well as guide talented students to create their own illustrated story books.

The Management

Chairman: Mr. Alfred Cheung Kin Ting 張堅庭導演       alfred 1

  • Renowned Director of Movies, Playwright and Commentator
  • Two times winner of the Best Screenplay from the Hong Kong Film Awards
  • A Graduate of the Baptist University, diploma in film production from the Chinese University of HK, and advanced film study from the New School of New York.

Director: Mr. Man Cheung          man.png

  • An Australian born in Hong Kong with over 20 years of experience teaching Drama and English
  • Over 10 years experience in education management.
  • Bachelor of Education (Drama) of the Queensland University of Technology and Master of of Language Arts from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

Artistic Director: Mr. Matthew Gillespie      img_6699

  • Over 10 years of experience directing and teaching Drama and Musicals
  • A graduate of Psychology and Master of Fine Arts (Musical) from the Roosevelt University of Chicago.

Vice Principal: Ms Sue Woods     dsc_0651

  • Over 20 years of experience founding and managing International kindergartens
  • International experience managing international kidergartens in South Africa, Australia and now in HK.
  • A graduate of Drama and Early Childhood diplomas.


CEO: Mr. Luke Yick     DSC_1263.JPG

  • Over 10 years experience in sales and marketing management with media  and IT industries.
  • years of experience in teaching and experience in teacher training with the University of Hong Kong.
  • Bachelor of Science (Physics), Master of Education from the University of Hong Kong; MBA from the University of Hull.


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